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EcoSystem processor - no water, save methanol
El-cheapo eco-system sketch
Plumber's delight condenser
Make your own venturi
Cheap static mixer ideas
Electrical control ideas for heater and pump
Biodiesel specifications
Electrostatic glycerol separation video
Calculating volume of liquid in a cylindrical tank
Mixing fuels of different biodiesel percentage
Simple, safe stirrer for dissolving lye in methanol
Electronic dipstick to detect the glycerol or water layer
Simple processor from a typical UK copper hot water tank
Electronic colour detector for titrations - helps automate the process Simple solar detector and motor positioner
Never-overflowing wash tank
Excellent biodiesel users guide - big file 1.7Mb
Testing biodiesel in the lab
Methanol boiling points at different concentrations
Applying for Waste Carrier's license and registering with HMRC if you make >2500 litres a year
Re-ranging a British thermostat
Simple, healthy deodorant - try it!
Idea for improved electrical heater
Phenolphthalein vs. Turmeric comparison
Methoxide feed-rate limiter
A non-glug filler can for fuelling your car.
Breathing apparatus for your safety.
An Immersion Heater power controller, by Matt Stevens
Biodiesel test #1
Biodiesel test #2
Biodiesel test #3