Calibration weights for your scales

You can spend a pretty penny on a set of precision weights to calibrate your electronic scales.

Do yourself a favour - put your hand in your pocket, you are probably carrying some accurate calibration weights around with you already ...

UK Resident?
20p = 5.0 grams
50p = 8.0 grams
£2 = 12.0 grams

US Resident?
1 cent = 2.500 grams
1 nickel = 5.000 grams

These 'calibration weights' are entirely accurate enough for the calibration of scales used in titrations within the biodiesel process. Choose shiny new ones, in preference to tatty old battered coins.

If you aren't in any of the abovementioned countries, search on Google for the coin specifications for your country.

As there will be some small variation in weights between individual coins, but the average weight is fairly accurate, you will get better results if you use 10 to 20 coins together as a combined calibration weight.

Ka-Chingg! - cheap calibration weights!

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