Meth Stirrer idea

It can be a tedious and risky job to dissolve lye in methanol, especially for typical volumes of 20 litres or more, which we often use in appleseed reactors.

Here's a simple way to help your lye dissolve.

Here are some of the advantages ...

  • No need to move/shake the container about
  • No sloshing / spill risk of contents
  • Container remains sealed during the mix - less fumes
  • Low cost simple technology - reliable
  • You can completely fill your container from the start

So, here's what you'll need to find...

A good strong magnet. 'Toy' magnets probably won't be strong enough. The best kinds to go for are 'rare-earth' magnets, and try to find one where the north and south poles are as big as possible and as close together as possible. Beefy speaker magnets are great!
a magnet

A few big ball bearings, say 1 inch diameter or more...
ball bearings

Or, you can use steel nuts instead
(Don't use zinc passivated, stainless or galvanised nuts)...


You'll also need to make a stand to support your meth carboy. The stand should have a hole cut in it to allow you access to the bottom of the carboy. It also needs to have supports to securely tilt the carboy at around 20 degrees. See diagram...

mixing in progress

I use a siphon into my meth, so the lid is always above the meth level.

Simply drop the ball-bearing(s) or nut(s) into the carboy and move the magnet around under the lowest point of the carboy to drag the ball thru the undissolved lye and swirl it up.

You may need to add a little lye at a time, if your magnet isn't strong enough to drag the ball thru big clumps of lye.

In any event, this method seems faster and safer than swishing around the whole carboy or using an electric drill stirrer.

The ingenious amongst you could probably put together an automatic "magnet waggler" to move the magnet around for you, instead of using the Armstrong method.

Hope it helps, good luck.


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Posted January 7 2006

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