An easy to make, non-glugging filler can for biodiesel or WVO

Filling your car with biodiesel or WVO can be a pain if you don't have a large enough filling can, and it can be a messy business.

The 10 litre ones you get at garages are too small, and 25 litre jerry cans glug and splash.

Here's a simple design which I've evolved over the past few years and it makes manually filling the car on your own a piece of cake.

No funnel needed on the car.

The spout goes where it should and stays there, is flexible, and transparent, so you can see whether the biodiesel is cloudy or clear - handy in winter.

Plus, there's no glugging, so filling is fast and predictable and splash-free. You can carry out the mod to all your 25 litre drums, and keep the normal lid fitted until you need to transfer fuel to your vehicle.

Here's what you'll need...

  1. A 25 litre screw-top drum - typically used for methanol.
  2. A 45cm (18") length of 1" clear braided hose.
  3. A 110mm (5") long piece of wire coat-hanger or any steel wire 2mm-3mm (1/8") diameter

parts needed for the filler can

For tools, get together the following ....

  1. A hacksaw
  2. A pair of garden shears
  3. A drill and a 3mm(1/8") and 8mm(5/16") drill bit
  4. Couple of fine nosed pliers
  5. A vise

tools needed for the filler can

Then watch this vid ....

You can add the breather hole to all your storage cans - use a small cork to keep it closed when not in use. This saves you from having to transfer fuel to a dedicated filler can. Just move the nozzle to the next full can when you want to fill up your vehicle. Hope it helps, any questions, feel free to get in contact....

grahamlaming at hotmail dot com

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