GL's "Eco-System" Carboy Vents

These carboy vents have a single connection to a carboy lid, but 2 separate paths - 1 for liquid, one for vapour. This allows you to keep the whole system sealed with a balancing breather, and the carboy or drum can be simply fitted or removed by spinning it onto the lid.

You can use iron, steel or copper for these assemblies. I used copper, as it is what I have available.

The lid you use must be in good condition, with a fresh gasket, to ensure it seals well.

the completed carboy vent assembly

Here's what I used. Where I use 22mm copper, you can use 3/4" steel.
Where I use 15mm copper, you can use 1/2" steel.

Back row
Carboy lid with hole for tank connector, tank connector with hex base ground-round to fit inner ring of carboy lid, 50mm of 20mm dia tubing, 2x22mm to 1x 15mm tee, 22mm outer to 15mm inner reducer.

Front row
20cm length of 15mm tube, 7cm length of 15mm tube, 2 x jubilee clips, length of clear pvc tubing which will fit snugly over the 15mm copper pipe.

Carboy vent kit

The reducer has a little 'blip' inside it to prevent the 15mm pipe from sliding thru. You need to file off this blip, we want the 15mm pipe to slide freely through the reducer, before it is soldered in place.

File off the blip

The hex flange of the tank connetor is ground down to a circle, so it will fit into the lid's central area.

file off the hex profile

Seal under the lid with RTV clear silicone sealant. Ensure no excess goes into the gasket area.

seal with silicone

Apply a smear of RTV silicone under the nut and on the threads too.

seal under nut with silicone

No surplus silicone should be visible

wipe off any surplus silicone

After soldering all the joints, fit to the tank connector with the compression fitting.

put it all together after soldering

Allow the silicone to cure for a week before you use it.

the completed carboy vent assembly

Now push on some flexible pvc tubing, to drop to the bottom of the carboy. A small weight on the end will help ensure it drops to the lowest point - I pushed a couple of inches of copper pipe into the pipe end and held it in place with a hose clamp....

add some tubing

Here's the assembly in use as the methoxide dosing vessel...

Methanol carboy finished, in place on the processor

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