Copyright notice

Copyright: Graham Laming.

This information is offered free of charge, but remains my property. Do not sell it.

If you are a commercial, co-operative or private biodiesel manufacturer or biodiesel processor manufacturer, please feel welcome to use and adapt any of the ideas presented here, as you see fit, if they will help to improve the efficiency or safety of the process.

This project is largely experimental in nature, so I give no guarantees of performance or safety. This text has not been fully proof read, so will probably contain errors.

These documents are meant only for people who are experienced and competent in the manufacture and use of electrically powered biodiesel reactors, and who are suitably experienced and competent in handling the hazardous materials and equipment involved. You are responsible for working in a safe manner, and you should consider also the safety of those around you.

I'd welcome any feedback which could help to improve the safety, performance and efficiency of these designs.

Thanks, I hope this information helps to make the biodiesel manufacturing process easier, safer and more efficient for you.

Graham Laming

Bedford, ENGLAND

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