Here's a quick summary of the paperwork involved in ...

1. Getting an English Environment Agency Waste Carrier's License and
2. Registering with HMRC to account for duty.

I'm a producer for my own use, not reselling, so this procedure really only applies to that kind of setup.
I'm not an authority on the subject of registering - I've only done it once, after all!

The info here is presented only as a record of what I did and the docs I got back and is given here in the
hope it will help de-mystify the procedures, to help others fulfil some of the legal bits which apply to
making biodiesel.

Environment Agency in England - application

A phone call to my local environment agency office - next day this arrived...

I haven't copied the pack because it is big and you'd be better getting the latest
blurb from the agency...

Their site is at

I've heard you may not need to register with the Environment Agency.
See this document for some exemptions allowed.

I decided to register anyway.... Here's why ...

My oil suppliers (restaurants) are much more comfortable handing over their oil if they get an official receipt
from a certified carrier to show that they have disposed of their oil responsibly.

Previously they received no official receipt to show that they had disposed of it responsibly. This concerned them.
They now get a 'duty of care' receipt each time I collect.

My 'patch' is now a little more secure, because I've made a commitment which gives peace of mind to my suppliers.
I get peace of mind too.

The cost to me is under 1 a week - registering with the environment agency costs 136 and covers 3 years.

I feel it's money well spent. I've invested time and money building a processor, I want to be in a secure deal with
my suppliers to ensure continued supply.

This is the form I now fill in each time I collect waste oils. I've modified it to highlight which bits to fill in
and crossed out the bits that don't apply to me. This just makes it faster to fill in and saves us both time.

I give a copy to the restaurant owner so he has a record of responsible disposal of waste oil.

HMRC - application

Now, each month I get an Excise Duty Returns form in the post, which I fill in with the amounts of BD made
and the amount of duty payable. I send it back with a cheque for the amount owing.

And this is what is on the other side...

Hope that helps,

Best wishes,


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