A simple deodorant recipe

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I believe that most modern deodorants and antiperspirants are potentially unhealthy, so much so that I encourage family and friends not to use them.

Here's why ....

Armpits are an area where skin is in contact with skin, so whatever chemicals are applied between the two surfaces are trapped and remain fairly concentrated, for long periods of time. About the only time you remove them is when you bath or shower, and then you re-apply them again. If you are a woman and shave, you may further weaken the skin in that area, making it more vulnerable to absorbing these chemicals.

The chemicals which concern me are aluminium salts, parabens and synthetic perfumes, all of which are hotly debated as being unhealthy, with claims of increased risk of Cancer and Alzheimers Disease. I don't know how true these claims are, and get the feeling from the debate that no-one is really sure.

So, I decided to avoid them altogether and began experimenting with simpler solutions and have found a formula which works well.

It is a deodorant, not an antiperspirant.

I figure if your body wants to sweat, it has good reason to, so go ahead and let it!

The recipe
Super simple, Sodium Bicarbonate - that's all!

It acts by creating a sufficiently high pH, which bacteria don't breed well in.

Mix 100 grams with water to make a thin paste, just thick enough so you can scoop some up on a finger and rub it in. Keep it in a sealed pot.

About 1/2 teaspoon of this thin paste per armpit keeps you completely fresh and odour free all day. I cycle between 100 to 200 miles a week and work with people who would be only to quick to tell me if I stink, so it seems to work well even though I like to ride hard and work up a sweat.

It does feel a little granular at first when you apply it, but during the day you'll not notice it.

Ladies, if you shave with a traditional razor, you may find it stings a bit when you apply the paste - perhaps try an electric shaver, which won't leave little cuts and should feel much more comfortable.

If you like perfume, you can always use that - but there's no need to apply it to your armpits.

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