2nd Salisbury Scout group photos from the 70s

The 2nd Salisbury Scout group had its HQ in Campbell Road, Borrowdale, Salisbury, Rhodesia. It was also the base for the 2nd Salisbury Cubs Group.

Co ordinates -17.761968S, 31.085339E

We had regular camps at Ruwa Scout Park. George Gibson was the Camp Commissioner at that time.

Stan O'Donnell was the Chief Scout Commissioner for Mashonaland

Here are few photos I have, in slightly higher resolution than Facebook can support...
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Baden Powel Hall, Borrowdale, Salisbury, Rhodesia in 1979.
Now renamed Bruce Grace Hall, in memory of the tremendous dedication and commitment Bruce devoted to the group. RIP

Year unknown, probably 1976

Clive Gregory, Richard Grace, Bruce Grace (RIP), Malcolm Laming (RIP), Andrew Sewell, Andrew Rodger



4. 1973

5. 1974

6. 1975

7. 1976

8. 1977

9. 1978

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